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Enegra develops solutions for every participant in the global trade eco-system, from finance to logistics, asset authentication, dematerialisation, and trading

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From Australia, to Asia and the world

Trade innovation is in our DNA. We have been creating legal, financial, logistic, and technology solutions for commodity trading for over 9 years.

In 2011, Enegra saw an opportunity to apply their expertise in finance, trade and logistics to reduce the risk of sourcing and trading commodities from emerging economies. Application of Enegra's model to the global coal market resulted in Enegra consolidating output from various Asian producers and becoming one of the largest owners of offtake in the world.

Enegra have grown quickly from humble beginnings in Australia to a $27B capitalisation, with their Head Office in Malaysia and multiple subsidiaries in Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia. This rapid growth was enabled through the development IP for every step of the commodity life-cycle, including new models for derivative and margin pricing and the application of AI/ML, blockchain and other emerging technologies.

Enegra's IP, combined with their local market knowledge and relationships, allows them to both control and profit from every step in the commodity life cycle, while ensuring that all participants in the wider trade eco-system also benefit - including the local community.

EGX Security Tokens

We have tokenised 100% of the equity in Enegra Group Ltd, with equity represented by the T-REX compliant EGX security token issued on the Ethereum blockchain (ISIN: MYA159590209).

There are 100,000,000 EGX issued to represent the 100,000,000 ordinary shares of Enegra Group Ltd. The shares are held by a licensed Trust Company as Nominee on behalf of EGX token-holders, and all rights and distributions are passed on to EGX token-holders, including distributions and voting. As EGX are securities, in order to purchase EGX, investors need to first pass KYC/AML checks and be whitelisted. Once whitelisted, investors can buy and sell EGX via the Bancor Network, using ETH and various other tokens.

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Please contact support@enegragroup.com to purchase EGX via USD, EUR, or BTC.

Our people, the key to our success

Board of Directors

Our board of directors has the full set of skills and experience necessary to develop world-class solutions, and manage a growing global business.

Matthew is an accomplished executive with extensive experience in banking, trade finance, commodity trading and logistics. He has a track record with executive boards formulating strategies and executing on time and within budget.

Prior to Enegra, Matthew worked in Westpac Institutional Banking, managing a portfiolio in excess of $500M, broking acquisitions and leveraged buyouts.

Matthew has a B.Com (Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law).

Eli is a technology and startup expert, with over 25 years hands-on operational and leadership experience in various industries and locations, specialising in the application of disruptive technologies and paradigms to transform organisations and industries - from Aviation in New Zealand to Telecom Services in Africa.

Eli is currently CEO of Blockchain Labs Asia and focused on FinTech, with ventures changing how people work and live, leveraging new technology to get things done – faster, cheaper, easier, better, and in a more people-oriented way.

David has over 30 years of international experience across investment banking, corporate advisory, corporate public relations and capital raising services within the natural resources sector. He is currently CEO of Canamex Gold Corp and a Director of Arizona Silver Exploration Corp, Canadian listed public companies.

David was previously a Sr executive with BAE Systems, focussed on international business development, financing, management and marketing within the UK, the Middle East and Europe. Senior commissioned officer (Engineer and Pilot) in the Royal Australian Air Force.

He has a B.Eng, and Dip. FP.

Jeremy is CPA qualified and has a very strong commodity, treasury and financial markets background having worked 25 + years in a variety of large corporate and banking roles in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Jeremy is the founder and current managing director of Apxium, a financial technology business specialising invoice financing and payments.

Jeremy has valuable commodity experience from his time jointly managing the worlds largest gold hedging book at Normandy Mining and also trading precious metal at Pru-Bache in the UK. He is also a former treasurer for the South Australian Energy Network (ETSA).

Tony brings over 20 year's experience as a company director and entrepreneur in the UK, and is one of the original shareholders in Enegra.

He is currently Managing Director and co-founder of CVAM Ltd. Incorporated in 2000, CVAM has now grown to be one of the most successful independent companies of its type in the UK, trading in transportation assets across home and export markets, specialising in Africa.

Tony also acts as an advisor to a number of major FTSE100 financial institutions based in the UK, advisong on future residual value risk and exit strategies for their transportation and logistics portfolios.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board gives us the confidence to work in uncharted waters, knowing we have such deep experience to call on.

Alex has over 20 years’ experience working in the Financial Markets as a trader and broker with a specialisation in Options trading. With experience in Foreign Exchange, Fixed-Income and most recently, Commodities, he has a strong sense of Macro Fundamentals and Technical Analysis.

Alex is based in the UK and is delighted to work with Enegra to build out their trading operations globally. Alex has also followed the blockchain and digital securities sectors from inception and has a keen interest in Enegra’s development in this area.

Oliver Scott-Simons was formerly a director and head of Asia FX Correlation Option trading at Barclays Singapore and previously worked a several top tier banks in London spanning 13 years in front office trading up to 2015.

Since then Oliver has been consulting for a large bank in south east Asia and has founded two companies; Tronn (cloud based quantitative analytics) and Invariance (systematic trading in FX, commodities and crypto using machine learning techniques).

Oliver has a degree and masters in mathematics from Imperial College London.

Powering global trade

Enegra develops solutions for every participant in the global trade eco-system, from finance to logistics, asset authentication, dematerialisation, and trading

EGX management now available online

Industry News & Views

1 July 2020

The Growth Of Deep-Sea Mining

An economic opportunity or an environmental disaster?

28 June 2020

EGX Token Upgrade

EGX V3 Token Upgrade

EGX has been upgraded ahead of offer and listing

DSX Asia has upgraded its issuance platform in preparation for the upcoming launch of its primary offering marketplace and secondary market exchange. We are required to upgrade EGX in order to take advantage of the platform upgrade.

Advantages of the new token include the following:

  • Optimised architecture using the latest version of Solidity
  • Use of shared registry for all DSX Asia issued tokens
  • Gas optimisation for all smart contracts
  • Full documentation and test coverage
  • Custom compliance contract
  • Full audit by Kaspersky

On 27 June we upgraded all EGX tokens in line with the above. This involved creating a new smart contract for each token, authorising all current minting holders, and issuing the appropriate number of tokens to all current holders.

EGX holders can view their holdings directly on Etherscan, or they can add the new token address to MetaMask, MyCrypto, or any other wallet supporting ERC-20 tokens.

Adding the new EGX token to MetaMask

To add the new EGX token to your MetaMask wallet:

  1. Open MetaMask
  2. Click on the Menu button
  3. Scroll down and click “Add Token”
  4. Click “Custom Token”
  5. Add “0xa44d07dec682dd2f1f404003073b4eb63ff094b7” into the “Token Contract Address” field
  6. Click “Next”
  7. Click “Add Tokens”

Removing the old EGX token from MetaMask

To remove the old EGX token from your MetaMask wallet:

  1. Open MetaMask
  2. Click on the Menu button
  3. Scroll down and click the options link next to the old EGX token
  4. Click “Hide Token”
  5. Click “Hide” in the confirmation popup

Enegra Group Ltd (LL15959) is a commodity trading company focused on resources in Southeast Asia. Equity in Enegra has been tokenised via the EGX security token. For enquires related to the purchase of EGX please contact support@enegragroup.com.

EGX Token Upgrade was originally published in Enegra on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

15 June 2020

The Future of Nickel Mining in Indonesia

Increasing global demand and Indonesia’s dynamic response

Nickel is an essential element for numerous industrial processes upon which the world relies. First identified as a unique element in 1751 nickel has grown to become an invaluable commodity today. During the current growth period in the global nickel market, it is important to look into the uses for nickel and how demand is impacting price and delivery.

As the Enegra Group has a particular interest in Indonesia we will focus on Indonesia’s market for this important element.

Nickel is undeniably instrumental in global industrial processes. In the United States, the vast majority of primary nickel is consumed in the production of alloys like stainless steel and superalloys. Nickel provides important properties that improve an alloy’s corrosion resistance and its ability to withstand extreme environmental temperatures and stresses.

It is for this reason that nickel alloys are employed in some of the harshest industrial environments such as chemical production, fossil fuel refining, marine installations and even inside jet engines. It is interesting to note that all coins in the United States except for pennies are made of alloys which contain nickel. Beer kegs which are often made from nickel-bearing stainless steel are so robust they can often stay in use for 30–40 years!

One of the most important industrial applications of nickel is in the production of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for consumer electronics such as laptops, phones and power tools. More importantly, lithium-ion batteries are one of the key components which have spawned the new wave of electric vehicles. The rise of the global electric vehicle industry is set to have a significant impact on nickel mining and refining. It is clear that the use of nickel will continue to grow and this growth can only be sustained through the development of strong, sustainable mining supply chains.

The market for nickel has been known to exhibit extreme highs and lows in the past but the requirement for nickel in the production of lithium-ion batteries has the potential to push prices into new territory. Last year the rise in nickel prices dwarfed the significant rise in gold’s price. The sheer volume of nickel which will be required for the production of electric vehicles will demand strong infrastructure to deliver. The Enegra Group is watching the nickel market closely to identify the opportunities and strengths which are presenting themselves both globally and within Indonesia.

Indonesia has a long history with the mining and production of nickel. Initially, this was centred around small-scale mining during the era of the Dutch East Indies. From these exploratory operations, nickel production expanded rapidly during the 1960s as the Indonesian government became involved in the production and export of the commodity.

The nation of Indonesia is known to have the largest volume of nickel reserves in the world with 23.7% of the globe’s resources. Indonesia also boasts the planet’s greatest annual production quantities of nickel ore above its nearest rival the Philippines. The country’s two primary nickel deposits are located on the islands of Sulawesi and Halmahera. As with many other mineral ores in Indonesia, a significant portion of raw ore nickel was traditionally exported for smelting overseas.

The Indonesian government recently enacted a ban on the export of raw mineral ores which included nickel. This ban was driven by an intention to improve the value-added opportunities for nickel products within the country and a desire to strengthen the local smelter industry. Indonesia has a population of almost a quarter of a billion people and a strong internal market to leverage. As the adoption of electric vehicles grows globally Indonesia intends to capitalise on its nickel resources to create a regional hub for the production of the next generation of electric vehicles.

China is Indonesia’s largest customer for nickel exports and in response to the ban on exporting nickel ore Chinese producers of stainless steel began increasing their nickel inventories. This stockpiling created a significant impact on the price of nickel driving it up over 60% during 2019, bringing prices to their highest levels since 2014. Although more than half of Indonesia’s nickel ore is smelted within the country the export ban is expected to impact approximately 10% of the global nickel supply.

To hedge against the export ban Chinese manufacturers have instigated an aggressive wave of investment into local operations. Increased investment in mining and smelting of nickel will help to improve Indonesia’s infrastructure for this valuable commodity. Further value to the industry will be delivered through investment into state of the art battery production facilities. This growth will be vital to facilitate Indonesia’s intended boom in electric vehicle production.

As the world demand’s for nickel increase Indonesia is set to play a pivotal role in supplying this valuable commodity. Beyond raw nickel, Indonesia will provide value-added products that will leverage on their raw mineral deposits and assist in the growth of new and vibrant industries backed by nickel. The Enegra Group intends to play a part in delivering a sustainable and valuable industry for the people of Indonesia. This will be an interesting space to watch and participate in.

Enegra Group Ltd (LL15959) is a commodity trading company focused on resources in Southeast Asia. Equity in Enegra has been tokenised via the EGX security token. For enquires related to the purchase of EGX please contact support@enegragroup.com.

The Future of Nickel Mining in Indonesia was originally published in Enegra on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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