EGX Security Tokens

Enegra has now tokenised 100% of the equity in our company, with equity represented by the EGX Security Token found at address 0x5e8f0e658aff673aa635a889c5b4f38f12e2a740 on the Ethereum blockchain.

The EGX token complies with the ERC1400 standard. Holders of the EGX token are granted full dividend, voting, and other rights according to their holdings.

Jurisdiction and Structure

For purposes of issuing EGX security tokens, the Board considered various jurisdictions of incorporation for the issuer of the tokens. After considering all advantages and disadvantages, the Board determined that Labuan (Malaysia) is the favored jurisdiction for incorporation of the token issuer. 

In preparation for issuance of EGX tokens, the Board have incorporated a new holding company, Enegra Group Ltd (LL15959), in the fully regulated Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (“Labuan IBFC”), Malaysia. Established in 1990, the Labuan IBFC is regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (the “Labuan FSA”) under the purview of the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia.

Labuan IBFC offers Enegra many advantages, including access to Malaysia’s Double Tax Agreements with over 80 countries, a low corporate tax rate of 3% of net audited profit for trading activities, and no import duties, sales tax or capital gains tax. Labuan is also centrally and strategically located in Southeast Asia, and offers high availability of banking and trade finance services, a highly developed legal structure, and an established business ecosystem including technology, skilled workforce and resources, with competitive operating costs.

Labuan IBFC has favourable fintech regulations, and the Board has established close and positive relations with the Labuan FSA, who is a progressive and responsive regulator.

Shares in Enegra Group Ltd are held by a licensed Trust Company as Nominee on behalf of EGX token-holders, and all rights and distributions thereof are passed to EGX token-holders, including distributions and voting. This allows EGX to be freely traded.

Please contact for more information about EGX.